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January 14, 2012
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"I was such a wonderful Poké INNOCENT...why...must you cause me so much pain...?"

I'm a huge Pokémon fan. My love for Pokémon started and grew in the Hoenn region. My first trainer game was Emerald. I loved the game. I loved my Pokémon. I soon came to love an adorable pink Pokémon called Skitty. I loved it so much. It quenched my want for a real pet cat. She was like an angel and so her name became Angel. I trained her and entered her in contests. I adored her so much. But, time moved on. I grew away from my Pokémon Emerald. I stopped playing it. I had already beaten Steven on the game. So years passed, and I wanted to take my Pokémon from my Emerald version and put it on my Heartgold game. I knew the only way to do that was to use the pal park. I read the instructions and was ready to transfer.
When both games were in my DS lite, I started Emerald. The opening was normal with Rayquaza at the end. I started it and pressed continued. I found myself in a pitch-black cave called: Hell(?). I knew something was unusual. There was no such place in the Hoenn region. I moved around. I noticed that the path was a simple straight line. It led me to the exit. I then saw that I was outside of Sootopolis. But the route was strangely named: Heaven(?). It was raining heavily with the trail shrouded in fog. I was a little freaked out but my curious mind kept me going.
I made it to Sootopolis. The place was fog covered but it wasn't raining. No one was there. I didn't understand. I then checked my team for abnormal things. My team was normal. I then thought of my brother. He can hack games very nicely so I thought that he may have gotten his hands on it and hacked it. I convinced my self that was it and made due with transferring my Pokémon. I saved and turned the game off and turned it on to Heartgold. I went to the Pal Park and transferred them. I first caught Sceptile, then Rayquaza, then Camurupt, and so on. After catching Alteria, I knew I had one more Pokemon to get…Angel, my beloved Skitty. I ran around in the grass until the battle music played. My eyes widened in horror to see her. She had wings coming out of her back that were stained in blood at the origin. Her right eye was open and bleeding, as if in pain of being open. A bloody bandage covered her left eye. She smiled evilly, showing a set of sharp teeth. Oh her tail was a blue ribbon with a soothe bell attached to it. The soothe bell was cracked and broken. On her ear, hung a dim halo. It wasn't floating or glowing. Her paws were blood covered with razor sharp looking claws. I sat there frozen in horror. I got scared and tried to flee from Angel. "Couldn't escape!" Was what the text box said. I looked at the poor Skitty. I felt a little pain in my heart seeing my favorite of my Pokémon in pain. "Angel is watching carefully…" I realized I wasn't going to get a choice. I caught her and the Pal Park game ended. I went to the PC, immediately. Angel's sprite was still the same. All of my other Pokémon were normal and fine. I don't know what I was thinking but I took her out of storage to check her stats and see her in battle.
Her moves set was fairly strange: Fury Swipes, Glare, Aerial Ace, and Poke-Cannibalism. The last move irked me to no end. There was no such move. I read its description: The Pokémon unleashes full power of its teeth and malls the opposing Pokémon. If it hits, it's a one hit-KO. Power: --- Accuracy: 100. I didn't enjoy this. Angel was not like this before. I thought if she walked with me that, maybe, things would go back to normal. I was wrong. Her walking sprite was like her battle sprite. When I walked, she didn't follow. I talked to her. "Angel is smiling with hatred. Angel will not follow you." She hates me? That would explain why she isn't following me. I started to get lost in a flood of questions: Why is this happening? How is it possible? She looked normal on Emerald. Why would she suddenly become terrifying on Heartgold? When I came back to reality, Angel was gone. She was not standing next to me. I panicked and looked at my team. She wasn't there. In her place of her slot was something weird: Shattered Poke ball. I went to the stats of the slot. There was no sprite, no moves, no nothing. She had escaped.
I frantically searched all of Kanto but found nothing. I searched Johto. I came to a route that was completely horrible. All around were blood puddles and sprites of what looked like random Pokémon parts. Only silent random Pokémon cries filled the game instead of music. I saw a little girl and talked to her. "I'm scared…My poor little Furret…she was attacked by a scary pink cat…the cat tore her apart…and even ate her a bit…why would it do that…?" I decided I had gone far enough and wanted to turn the game off. I tried and it wouldn't go off. I looked up and saw Angel. "You will not escape…I'm not making it that easy to run…" The screen went black for only a second. When it was lit again, she was gone. I followed the horrible route. I eventually came to a where the safari game was supposed to be. It wasn't there. Only a field filled with blood puddles and more parts was there. I tried to turn around, knowing who was there. "Your not going to leave your beloved Skitty, are you?" My character turned around and walked straight through the field. I tried to turn around but it continued on its own. At the end, like I expected, was Angel. "Hello moron…how long has it been since I last saw your hideous face?" I heard her cry but it sounded more like a laugh. "Don't you get it? I don't care if you love me…I hate you…I've hated you since the day I was caught by you…Whenever you used me for a fight…I always lost…I refused to do what you wanted…do you remember that day…? That day you used me to catch an Absol…do you remember when it attacked me with Shadow Claw…? My eyes are this way because of that battle but you just chose a different Pokémon and continued to battle with out noticing my pain…I hate you with a bloody passion…" My heart was aching with pain of what she said. She never liked me and that she is this way because of me. "Now…I'm still hungry…" I battle suddenly started. The music sounded like a champion battle music but slow. "Angel would like you to die." Instead of saying battle, it said she wanted me to die. I sent out my Blastoise and decided to use Hydro Pump and end the battle quickly. I thought it would work, only to see she was fasted and used her strange move Poke-Cannibalism. I looked away as I saw teeth slashing away at Blastoise, eating him. The same thing continued through the battle. Typhlosion, Pidgeot, and Raichu were killed as well. I sent out my last one, Lugia. I thought to myself: He'll be killed! What do I do?!
I just wanted it to end. I chose Aero Blast, knowing it was useless. Angel did nothing. Lugia did nothing. "Lugia is eyeing Angel. Lugia can relate to Angel's pain. Lugia hates you, too" Okay. Now Lugia isn't on my side anymore. The battle ended. Lugia's walking sprite right next to Angel. "I finally found an ally. He did not wish for capture either. Now you die…" That was it! I freaked out, open my window, and threw the DS out on the lawn from the second floor. I huddled under my covers. I fell cried for hours and fell asleep. When I woke up, it was morning. I recalled yesterday. I dared myself to go outside. After fifteen minutes of thinking, I went outside. I looked around. The DS was there. Closed and not even scratched. I looked at the slots. Emerald and Heartgold were gone. The last thing I noticed, were the white and red feather scattered around the yard…
Second Creepypasta I've ever wrote.
No hate okay? I worked hard on this!
I know it's a little different from her Bio in my journal but I don't really care. :shrug:
I hope you like! :D

Comment or/and fave!
Happy either way! :iconimhighplz:
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you spelt "maul" wrong
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Oh, I see! I'll fix that as soon as possible! Thank you for telling me! :D
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No prob. Great story by the way
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Awesome Creepypasta! i love it! :D
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The only thing that bugs me is that Shadow Claw can't even hurt a Skitty. But otherwise, great creepypasta. :)
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I noticed that too and I'll be rewriting this as well so all facts are right. Thank you :D
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I really like the idea of her escaping, I've never seen that before in a pasta.
Well done.
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